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“Women Can Play Craps Too!”

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I never thought I’d be able to shoot craps. I had rarely seen women play and the table was always fast and appeared confusing. My husband came up with a good idea. A way to teach me the game at home so I would not be intimidated.

He took a lid from a large cardboard box and drew out the craps table on the inside of it. All the numbers and field areas, the pass line area ....everything. He handed me a pair of dice and gave me stacks of poker chips and told me to shoot the dice. I had no idea what I was doing at first, but Rob told me what to do next and pretty soon I was really enjoying the whole idea of it.

I’d roll the dice and shout out a number, real excited...but not knowing why and then Rob would tell me how to bet. Rob learned a lot about craps by reading books. Rob told me how to bet on the passline and then roll a number and bet again. He explained what the "odds" meant and how to bet and when to increase my bets. After a while it really started to make sense.

In a few months we took another trip to Las Vegas and stayed at the Stardust. It was time for the fledgling to fly. So, I stepped up to the Craps table and the dice were pushed in front of me. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I’d faint! But everyone was very nice. The dealers and the boxman just smiled and patiently waited as I asked for a $500 marker. I threw the dice and kept rolling the dice for 23 minutes!

A crowd had gathered around the table to watch and high rollers were increasing their bets faster than I could roll the next pass. It was so exciting! I really didn’t bet as well as I could have. It was too fast and I was too excited. Nonetheless, I won almost $1,000 starting with only $5 bets and increasing. I was hooked. This was the biggest rush I had ever experience gambling. In the past I had played Blackjack and thought it exciting but after Craps, 21 is a slow, dull game.

I continued to play Craps on our trips and got better each time.


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