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“I Dunno, - Whadda You Think?”

There’s a stockbroker who retired in Las Vegas. We’ll call him Charlie. Charlie enjoys betting on sports, but he requires somebody else’s input before being able to make decisions. He’s forever having second thoughts and doubts about every betting decision he makes, both before and after he lays it. I never met such an intelligent man who could so easily be touted.

Charlie and I met for coffee at Terrible Mike’s restaurant in the Gold Coast casino and, as luck would have it, we were talking about his chronic inability to stick with a decision. He’d been betting on my opinions for a couple weeks, and I’d just had a few losing days. Charlie was ready to trash the whole idea of getting my opinions. He thought we should try some other System Of The Week he’d heard about.

I knew the losing streak was a common and natural phenomenon that would pass, and that we would end up winners over the long haul. I reminded him of past bumps in the road and tried to shore up his resolve. Of all people, you’d think a stockbroker would understand short term fluctuations, but not Charlie. Moreover, he denied having any sort of problem with indecision at all. So far as Charlie was concerned, if I had three or four losing days in a row I should try using somebody else’s opinions.

As we talked, Charlie decided to go to the counter and order a fish sandwich. He offered to buy me one - "You should try ’em, J. R. They’re great" - but I passed. When he came back he had a hamburger.....Somebody touted him off the fish.

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