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“How Suite It Is!”

Give a man a place to sleep , shower and shave and he’s content. Make sure they have money to gamble and their world is perfection. But women! Viva the difference! Give us luxurious accommodations, a sunken bathtub and a glass of champagne ( I prefer Tosti Asti myself) and we’re still not content. Add gambling money with the incentive "you can shop too"... then we’re in heaven. Check into the RIO where every room is a suite. "650 square feet of "sweet-suite". A living room area, a wet bar, coffee brewer, small refrigerator, and plush bedroom including a chaise lounge. Not just a bath but a dressing room, ample closet, chest of drawers, and an iron provided with a luscious tub including a porthole view back to the bedroom. Put this on the 30th floor with an outstanding view of the strip and ladies, you’re in heaven.

Relax! Take it all in! Then arm yourself with attitude. You know that "attitude" of slight arrogance, slight aristocrat. Then go to the craps table. Confidently request a marker. Make it $500. Yes, I said $500. Don’t worry they give you the chips, but no one says you have to use them all. The respect you earn is immediate. The "boys" know you’re there to play... but only you know how much you’ll play. Don’t be shy!

I usually find that a table predominate with male players will offer the dice to a lone female at the table. Some even will pass off their turn to roll and give you the dice. I like to step out gently. Put a $5 or $10 bet on the pass line. Roll the dice; get a number. Then, $5 or $10 odds on your pass line bet. Single odds are just fine to start. Roll again. By the way, never mention "seven". Yes, I’m a little superstitious. Don’t mention it, because you don’t want it to show up now. Also, I believe in synergy. That’s positive talk! Happy vibes. I chat it up a little. No, not girl talk but "craps-talk". Get those dice, talk to them, tell them what you want. Before you know it the table energy changes and all the players will be rooting for you (and of course for themselves, because they’re riding on your roll).

Roll again, another number, okay $5 on it; and also put odds behind that number. Now, just so you don’t lose track, here’s the line-up so far.. $5 on pass line; roll a number. That’s your point. $5 odds on pass line. That’s $10. Then roll again. Place another $5 on this number, and $5 odds. That makes $10 more. Total on the table so far is $20. Relax Girls, we spend more than that to get our nails done and we’re having lots of fun.

The energy on the table is starting to simmer. Roll again. Get another number, put $5 on it and odds again. Now make sure you have pass line with odds and two numbers with odds "working". The more numbers you have out on the board the better your chances of winning so go ahead, put a "place-bet" on 6 and 8. That’s right, you don’t have to roll the dice for these. Just tell the dealer you want to "place-bet" on 6 and 8. Bet $6 or $12 (you see, 6 & 8 come up often! Check out the odds later.) So girls we’ve got about $36.00 on the table. Now pull them in. Tell the dice what you want, pick up the numbers. Hopefully pick up you numbers before you hit your "point" number. This is when it’s breathless. You roll, the dealer calls the number and hopefully you haul in the chips. (by the way, the dealers are wonderful if you let them know you need help. They will keep watch for you. Make sure you remember them too. A tip to a dealer with a female smile goes a long way to assure your table confidence.) Then, eventually, or should I say inevitably you’ll roll a seven. Yes! you’ll "crap-out" but its delicious when you pull all your numbers first. If you’re winning ladies, "rack-it". What I mean is sort it out on your racks. I separate my chips with color chips to keep count. It’s much quicker just to look down and see immediately separate racks of $100 separated by $25 color chips and I slide my profit to the left of my rack. I only play with gambling money, not my winnings That way I always know where I stand.

Now back to your suite. Yes! you heard me. Leave the table. If you’re winning its a good time to leave and if you’re loosing you need a clear break.

Before you go to your suite "cash-out" those chips. All of them! Even though you’ll be gambling later, cash out all your chips now. It’s a reality check. Those chips aren’t play money, as the casino would like you to feel.

Go to your suite. Toss all the cash on the bed. Lay on it, roll in it. Now count out $500. That’s your marker amount. Everything else is profit. Now lock up the profit in your room safe. Change clothes or take a bubble bath or go to the pool.

On your way, stop downstairs and pay-back your $500 marker. This keeps you straight and shows the casino "activity" of $500 gambling paid in full. You can get comps later on.

Now go have a relaxing swim, get your hair done, and plan a delightful "dinner and show" with your man. Gambling all dressed-up is a special "Vegasy" thing. A few minutes of play just before show time is glamorous and gentlemen still do enjoy seeing women look like ladies. (No! Don’t get on me for this statement. Women still do like feeling like ladies too). A 8 or 10 minute "quickie" is okay, if it’s on the crap table!!!

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